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At California Riding Academy, beginners receive a solid foundation in hunt seat equitation and classical riding. Students can expect a pleasurable and safe learning experience from our personable staff and outstanding team of school horses. Our program is hands-on, teaching riders to groom their horses, tack, and provide riding instruction per your individual riding level and ultimate goals. We offer both private and small group lessons. Many of our riding school students have graduated from the riding school and grown to be successful competitors and horse owners. We offer leasing and purchasing guidance upon request.

Whether riding was a childhood pastime, you are looking to return to the sport, or want to fulfill a lifelong dream, our Riding School’s quality horses and ponies can help you achieve these goals. In addition, California Riding Academy is a recognized United States Pony Club Certified Riding Center providing the USPC national curriculum and certificate program to anyone under 25 who does not own a horse. Pony Club meets on Saturdays for riding, horse care, chores and fun from 1 – 4 p.m. Please inquire to learn more about this fantastic program.

Assessment Lesson – All new riders

We start all new riders with a private 30 or 60-minute assessment lesson. This gives us a chance to evaluate your current skill level, and match you with the appropriate horse or pony for your level. This is a great time to discuss your goals so we can facilitate a program that will best suit your needs. Please note the 30-minute lessons do not involve grooming or tacking-up your horse before or handling the horse after. The 60-minute lessons allow for more detailed guidance with the handling and care of your horse or pony.

For Your First Lesson – New Riders

For you first lesson you will need to wear long pants. We have boots and helmets to borrow if you don’t have your own yet. Please note: no bicycle helmets or cowboy boots. Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early before your first lesson to familiarize yourself with our location and sign the necessary paperwork.

Motivation to work through the following levels.

We offer on-site Schooling Shows monthly: Spring and Fall!


A beginning walk/trot class for riders. This is a beginning class where riders learn how to handle their horse or pony at the walk and trot. The more experienced riders at this level will be able to successfully maneuver their horse around a course of poles, with independent hands and seat.

Skills students will learn at this level (30-minute lesson)

  • Riders will learn how to adjust their stirrups from the ground, mount correctly and safely.
  • How to correctly hold the reins, and lengthen and shorten them
  • How to do a jumping/two point position at walk and trot
  • How to do a posting trot with diagonals introduced when they are more advanced
  • Use the arena to navigating over a course of poles in jumping position

In addition to the above, students will also learn (60-minute lesson)

  • How to halter and lead your horse or pony (explaining the technique and safety and why)
  • How to groom and pick your horses hooves (and why the tools we use are important)
  • How to tack-up (put on a bridle and saddle and adjust if necessary)
  • How to cool-out your mount after your lesson
  • Spend time after your lesson to thank your horse or pony!


A walk/trot/canter class for Pre-Intermediate riders. This class is for riders who have advanced to the canter and beginning to jump small fences. The more experienced riders at this level will be able to successfully maneuver their horse around a cross-rail course, at either the trot or canter.

In addition to the above Pre-Novice skills students will continue to learn.

  • Riders will recognize the correct diagonal at the trot and also be able to sit the trot
  • Riders will learn to ask for the canter and be able to tell what lead they are on
  • Begin to jump small fences at the trot
  • Cantering fences will be introduced once they can hold a good jumping position over the cross-rail at the trot
  • Using their arena, students will be able to change the lead or diagonal while riding around a course of small fences

Short/Long Stirrup (Intermediate)

This level is for our more experienced riding school students. Having proven their dedication to the sport, riders at this level are seriously considering leasing or purchasing their own horse or pony. This class is for riders who have mastered the cross-rail course at the canter. The more experienced riders of this level will be able to navigate around a two-foot course at the canter with changes of lead either through the trot or with a lead change. Masters at this level can:

  • Cantering around full jumping course of 2’
  • Learn how to do a lead change (trot or canter transition)
  • Understand related lines on a course and begin to understand bending lines
  • No stirrup work at trot and canter
  • More advance transitions, i.e., walk to canter, trot to halt and backing up
  • More advanced horsemanship available for riders who are interested.
  • Details of leasing or horse ownership can be explained

Remember, it’s never too early to lease or buy if you a have the passion to advance quickly through the levels and show outside our barn. We have years of experience and expertise to help you find the right horse-partner to help achieve those goals. Having goals will help us guide you in the right direction, whether it be leasing or buying. We should also have a good idea at this point what discipline you would like to pursue. Whether it’s Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation, Medals, or Eventing, from here we can design a program suited just for you.

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